Speed Kills 7 Compilation

The legendary Heavy Metal compilation, Speed Kills, has returned after 25 years with number 7 in the series. Following the tradition of the previous LPs, Speed Kills 7 showcases the best Metal talent with new, exclusive or rare songs from 10 of the best new UK Metal bands. It also features artwork by Radio 1 Rock DJ Daniel P Carter and liner notes from Rock Journalist Royalty, Malcolm Dome. This is a must for those who remember the original six LPs and younger Metal Heads new to the scene.

Release Date: 2nd December 2016

Each LP comes with a free Speed Kills patch (12cm x 3cm).

Track Listing:

1. The King is Blind – Throne of Skulls
2. Formicarius – Lake of the Dead
3. Acid Reign – Plan of the Damned
4. Amulet – Highwayman (demo version)
5. Divine Chaos – Ignorance Everlasting
6. Akercocke – Inner Sanctum
7. Dungeon – Death From Above
8. Voices – Petrograph
9. Desolator – Full Power
10. Nine Covens – Through Fires of Tyranny

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